Greener UK – UK’s largest environmental NGOs take on Brexit

Greener UK was formed after the EU referendum by 13 of the country’s leading environmental groups, ranging from the National Trust to Greenpeace. Between them its members have over eight 8 million members across the country. Their aim is to get the greenest possible Brexit.

Seahorse has been hired to aid Greener UK through the testing legislative process and unprecedented political challenge of the EU Withdrawal Bill. To date, the Environment Secretary has pledged to adopt many of Greener UK’s asks and develop a new national environmental governance body whilst transposing the crucial EU environmental principles into domestic law. The work with Greener UK gives Seahorse unique insight into some of the world’s leading environmental organisations and the crucial Brexit negotiations taking place across Whitehall.

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Marine Protected Areas in the UK’s Overseas Territories

The team at Seahorse worked alongside Members of Parliament and a number of the world’s leading marine experts to design and execute the Blue Belt campaign. This involved creating the messaging, collateral and a successful launch event calling on the UK Government to designate vast Marine Protected Areas around its Overseas Territories.

Following strategic engagement with high level stakeholders in Whitehall and Downing Street, the Government announced the world’s largest No-Fishing Zone in the Budget as well as a pledge for 14 more Marine Protected Areas in the Conservative Manifesto. To date, many of these Marine Protected Areas have been fully designated with more in the pipeline.